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Since 1991 our law firm has provided legal services in litigated divorce matters. Whether you need an attorney to vigorously represent you in a complex litigation, a custody dispute or wish to resolve your divorce by mediation, our attorneys are available to you.

Our firm’s focus is on Family Law including all aspects of a litigated matrimonial action, collaborative law, mediation or separation agreements. We handle divorce, child support and child custody, visitation, spousal maintenance and equitable distribution matters. We are zealous advocates with more than 30 years of experience in family law, and we help you achieve the best outcome goals in your divorce, mediation or collaborative law matters.

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Collaborative Divorce in White Plains and Westchester County

Collaborative divorce is a cooperative process where the couples agree not to pursue litigation. The goal of collaborative divorce in White Plains is to find an agreement through a combined effort. Both you and your spouse enter into a participation agreement, whereby you agree to certain rules of conduct and not to pursue litigation.

Collaborative law mediation in NY

If you are considering a collaborative divorce in Westchester County, you should hire an attorney skilled in collaborative law. The Westchester County divorce law firm of Novenstern Fabriani & Gaudio, LLP can help you and your spouse come to a mutually beneficial agreement without the need for litigation. Collaborative law involves a binding agreement where a couple hires specially trained divorce lawyers to represent them.  The spouses agree not to go to court and together with counsel strive to resolve any and all conflict through cooperation instead of competitiveness

Benefits of a collaborative divorce

Westchester County collaborative divorce has many advantages over a traditional divorce.
A collaborative divorce includes the following benefits:

  • Less fighting: Collaborative law encourages cooperation and less hostility.
  • Quicker: A collaborative divorce is significantly quicker than the long and often drawn out typical divorce procedure.
  • Less expensive: Since collaborative divorce can achieve a more amicable result in a shorter amount of time, it is more cost effective than divorce.
  • More comfortable environment: With collaborative law you attend several meetings with your representative, your spouse and his or her advocate, and the environment you negotiate in is less formal than a courtroom.

Choosing the right divorce law firm

If you are involved in a White Plains divorce, you should research and compare law firms in your area.
The law firm you choose should have the following attributes:

  • Experience: Hire a law firm that has experience with divorce cases similar to yours.
  • Knowledge: The law firm you choose should have substantial knowledge in matrimonial and family law. Additionally, they should be able to help you determine if you have grounds for a divorce.
  • Specialization: You should hire a law firm that specializes in collaborative divorce in Westchester County.

How do I inquire more about a collaborative divorce?

If you would like to receive more information on the collaborative process for a Westchester County divorce, you should contact a skilled lawyer as soon as possible. Novenstern Fabriani & Gaudio, LLP looks forward to answering your questions and guiding you through the process of a collaborative divorce. Contact us today and speak to a talented divorce attorney in White Plains who can provide you with personalized legal care and professionalism.

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